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Coronavirus Update : From our founder March 13, 2020

The Coronavirus and its effect on our local wedding industry: 

The Coronavirus is impacting nearly every industry currently worldwide. As the owner of A.Cherie Couture I wanted to write a quick update that specifically focuses on the impact of the coronavirus on the local wedding industry as well as our clients and what we are doing to make sure we all stay safe and on track.

We take only a certain amount of brides each year to make sure we can do our best on each and every order. Because of this, we are not currently experiencing any delays for our clients and clients that are currently in production.

To our A.Cherie clients: 

During this stressful time, I want to first let all of our clients and other brides know we are thinking about them.  If there is anything we can do for each and every one of you, please let us know. In the middle of this hardship, it is our mission at A.Cherie to be one of the greatest decisions of your wedding day! For A.Cherie, we are going about business as normal. I will be keeping all of our current clients updated and if there are any delays in receiving materials, we will let the clients know as soon as possible and figure out the next best option. Some of the fabric vendors in the Asia area are slowly going back to work for safety precautions which can delay in getting some fabrics, but so far all of the shipping has been okay for us.

What we are doing to keep our clients safe:

 -We are keeping our showroom very clean by sanitizing before and after each client leaves.

-We are asking if our clients show ANY signs of sickness, please reschedule any in-person appointments with us.

-The same goes for our team. If we show any signs of sickness, we will reach out to the client to reschedule directly any in- person appointments.

-We are not taking custom rush orders currently to avoid any delays on current orders as well as new orders. We are accepting orders for 5+ month timelines.

-Our team is keeping each and every client updated about their order.

-We are here for all brides for alterations if needed. We also have stock veils ready for urgent shipping if any bride is in need of a veil.

To all brides,  we are here for you with any questions, comments or concerns in this stressful time. Let us know your feedback.

All the best,

Ashley Cherie Pugh