Royal length veil



Made to order
Product shown
Royal Length 180 ” inches long
108 inches wide
Bridal Comb
Lace edge hip length and around the bottom
Light Ivory
Lace has sequins

Looking to have something Custom made?


1. Choose Tiers
a) 1 Tier
b) 2 Tier
c) Drop Veil Style
d) Mantilla Style

2. Choose Desired Lengths (First/Second Tier)
a) Shoulder 19-20″
b) Elbow 25″
c) Waist length 28-29″
d) Hip Length 36″
e) Fingertip 41″
f) Waltz 61″
g) Sweep 75″
h) Chapel 90″
i) Cathedral 110-120″
j) Royal Cathedral 130+”

3. Choose Color:
a) White
b) Ivory

4. Lace
We have different Lace options available. Please reach out directly to us If you are looking for us to source a certain lace design.

5. position of lace
a) lace to comb
b) lace from chest or elbow down
c) lace from hip down
d) lace at bottom only