Meet Ashley- Wedding Dressmaker and your Custom Wedding Dress Designer

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Wedding Dressmaker & Custom Dress Designer

Ashley, an award-winning luxury wedding dressmaker and the proud owner of of A.Cherie Couture brings her passion and creativity to every bridal gown and custom dress she creates. She has always had a deep love and passion for haute couture wedding dresses.

Made-to-order Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

What is a haute couture wedding dress one may ask? Couture wedding dresses are meticulously handcrafted, tailored to perfection, and often feature intricate beadwork, embroidery, and lace. Couture gowns are also hand-made or feature hand-sewn elements, and they are designed only for the intended wearer, rather than for mass-production like most wedding gowns in bridal shops. Ashley is a true lover of the handmade details that go into each and every one of their couture dress designs.

She skillfully integrates classical silhouettes, exquisite laces, intricate beadwork and embroidery to produce exceptionally stunning designs that are unique. Drawing inspiration from the allure of the art deco era, Ashley imparts a contemporary and refined flair to her personalized bridal gown creations.

Your Custom Dress Design Expert

A.Cherie’s in house wedding dressmaker, Ashley, has over many years of experience of working in the fashion industry. After attending fashion school in Texas, Ashley began her career working in bridal couture shops working on couture wedding dresses where she gained a wealth of knowledge about high end couture sewing techniques working on many luxury wedding dresses. Her experience through out the fashion industry has molded her into who she is today, and has inspired her to launch her own custom couture wedding dress business in Texas. Today, her business has expanded into couture bridal alterations, extensive heirloom wedding dress redesigning as well as dress preservation and more!

A.Cherie Couture is the top custom couture wedding dress designer in Texas for international and local clients. A.Cherie is known for impeccable attention to detail, outstanding fit, and a unique fashion forward process that is unlike any other.

Best Wedding Dressmaker and Custom Dress Designer in the United States

At A.Cherie Couture, our clients are consulted for every step of the design process from the initial sketch and concept, to the couture construction details of the design and the fabrication options that will ultimately fulfill the product of the client’s dreams for their special day. Although we design our custom wedding dresses in Texas, we can serve clients all over the world thanks to the technology and communication processes we use! We create couture wedding dresses and formal gowns for international clients as well!

As a custom dress designer, Ashley strives to transform each bride’s vision into a distinctive masterpiece, reflecting their individual style and evolving into a cherished heirloom for years to come.

A Word From Your Custom Dressmaker

HI and welcome! We are thrilled you are here and are so excited to collaborate with you on your own custom dress design! I am Ashley, Founder of A.Cherie Couture and Your Personal Custom Dress Designer!

My whole life, I knew I had wanted to be a fashion designer, just was not sure what kind until I discovered my deep love for the intricacy of dresses and all of the structure that went into dresses when I made my first ballgown in college. When I was a kid, I would always tell my family and friends that I would one day name my future business A.Cherie; which is a combination of the first letter of my first name, and my middle name. I always thought it sounded SO CHIC! I have held true to that, and kept that promise to my young self. When I officially named my business is 2013, I added the term Couture which means to design and manufacture fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements, which is exactly what we do! My love for beads, details, and unique patterns has always lead me to the right path of becoming a dress designer who specializes in haute couture wedding dresses.

Growing up, the entrepreneur in me shined through at a very young age when I opened my first store in my parent’s house. I had so much fun “opening” my shop, and I knew that I would one day own my own businesses. Ever since I was a young girl, I would embroider all of my clothes by hand with sequins, ribbons, beads and whatever I could get my hands on! People would ask me how I could sit for hours putting on each bead, one by one. But I truly enjoyed it and loved seeing the very boring product turn into something so unique and different that nobody else had!

I invite you personally to visit our San Antonio based couture designer showroom to witness the magic of our intricate designs and explore our breath-taking collection of couture wedding dresses before creating your own custom made masterpiece. Feel the luxurious fabrics, see the intricate details, and experience the unparalleled craftsmanship that sets us apart from other couture dressmakers. Our showroom is a space where dreams are born, and we can’t wait to be a part of your special journey. Contact us today and do not wait, as we choose to only work with a certain amount of clients each year. 

The path towards becoming a wedding dressmaker & Custom Dress Designer

Little did I know, the things I did at such a young age would lead me to my passion of where I am today – a custom wedding dress designer – creating beautiful gowns, accessories and couture collections! I have always had a love for Haute Couture, and the intricacy of each unique design and fabric thrills me. The details in couture gowns have always inspired me to create something unique and magnificent in whatever I do. Designers that truly inspire my creations are Elie Saab, Dior, Galia Lahav, Marchesa, Berta Bridal, and Inbal Dror.

I earned my BA in Fashion Design at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. I studied couture embroidery, surface design and traveled the world upon graduating to explore design in every aspect through out the world. I have worked for many couture houses which is where I have gained a lot of my bridal experience, learned couture sewing techniques and knowledge about the wedding industry.

The Dreammakers and Dressmakers

Since launching A.Cherie Couture, we have grown our amazing team of production specialists, custom dress designers, and couture seamstresses. Our team of highly skilled custom wedding dress designers, seamstresses, and production specialists is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. With years of experience in the fashion industry coming from different backgrounds, our custom wedding dress designers possess a deep understanding of fabrics, silhouettes, and design principles, ensuring that every dress A.Cherie Couture creates is a true masterpiece.

Our talented seamstresses bring these custom designs to life with their expertise in fit, meticulously crafting each garment to perfection. Supported by our production specialists, who oversee every aspect of the production process, our team ensures that every custom dress is created with precision, quality, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our designer wedding dresses are like no other! From concept to creation, our team of custom dress designer experts are passionate about transforming your dreams into reality through illustrations to final product. Experience the artistry and finesse that define our work and let us create a custom dress that is as unique as you are.

Meet the team of dressmakers and Fairy “Gownmothers”

San Antonio Seamstress for A.Cherie Couture


Alterations Specialist – Seamstress – Custom Dressmaker and Bridal Designer

Meet Karen! Karen has dabbled into multiple industries within the world of Fashion. She is one of the best custom wedding dress designers and we are so thrilled to have her on our team! Karen started her professional journey by interning for a well known custom bridal designer in Italy where she worked on many luxury couture wedding dresses. When she returned to Texas, she worked in the costume department for a local production company where she worked with many different fabrics and body types. Karen then turned the world of bridal and has not looked back since! Karen is an amazing wedding dressmaker and no challenge is to complicated for her! She has worked with multiple celebrities throughout her career and is your master tailor with her expertise in fit and design. With years of experience in the bridal industry and a B.S. in Apparel Design, she has been using her passion for design & technical skills to help brides and clients worldwide envision and create their dream gowns with an impeccable fit. Karen is known for her mad skills in expert fit for all body types, custom build ups, beautiful bustles, intricate alterations that others tailors and seamstress would say are not possible and so much more! If you need wedding dress alterations, custom sleeves made and added on to existing designs, or a custom bridal gown; you will be in the absolute best hands as no job is too challenging for A.Cherie Couture! Contact us today!

san antonio seamstress and dress designer for a.cherie couture


Bridal Fashion Illustrator – Seamstress – Custom Dressmaker & Bridal Designer

Meet Ale! Ale is quite the artist and jack of all trades! If you are getting a custom wedding dress or custom dress with us, it is highly likely that Ale will be illustrating your custom dress design! She is a very detailed artist as well as a Karen is an amazing wedding dressmaker, who also has extensive knowledge in custom dress design, sewing, and many other technical skills. Ale has her B.A in Fashion Design from the University of the Incarnate Word and worked along side the designer to create the stunning San Antonio Fiesta Gowns that involve intricate beadwork and embroidery that take endless hours to create. Ale is also behind the scenes at A.Cherie Couture working on product development, gorgeous bridal illustrations for brides to be world wide and sewing all things wedding dresses! She loves to draw and illustrate all of the unique custom dress designs that we bring to life from her stunning illustrations. We can not wait to work with you on designing custom bridal gown!

We want to be a part of your dress journey and create something that represents forever, with you!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wear the dress of your dreams! Take the first step towards creating a custom bridal gown that perfectly reflects your style and personality by booking a consultation here!

Our team of talented dress designers are ready to bring your unique vision to life, but our production calendar is limited. Schedule a consultation with us today to secure your spot on our calendar, as we choose to work with only a certain amount of clients each year and embark on the journey of creating a truly extraordinary custom dress. Let us be a part of your special day and ensure that you look and feel absolutely stunning.

Have Questions and want to make sure we are a great mutual fit for each other?  Book a discovery call with us and let’s begin the journey through our memorable experience towards bringing your dream dress life.