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Made to Order Wedding Dresses Collection

On a tight budget for your wedding dress but still want something that you can make your own? A.Cherie Couture now offers affordable made to order wedding dresses through our online dress shop where you can choose from ready made designs, and put your own personalized design touches on our ready made to order dress collections!

Affordable Custom Wedding Dresses | Made to Order Wedding Dresses

Are you a bride on a budget but still looking to create something that is unique and YOU? Design a semi-custom dress with us! Here at A.Cherie Couture we don’t want you to settle for something mediocre, when you can create something as unique as you! In 2022 A.Cherie Couture launched our semi-custom wedding dress collection for brides looking for affordable custom wedding dresses worldwide by being able customization our designs from the Shop A.Cherie collection and personalization’s for you to choose from!

OUR MISSION – Creating Affordable Custom Wedding Dresses

We are glad you are here! Our goal has been to create a better way for our clients to find the most unique and personal dresses for their special day. Nothing is more frustrating than falling in love with a dress, but wishing the neckline was a slightly different or that it had sleeves. Here at A.Cherie Couture, we can make that change happen. By owning every step of the process, we provide diverse options, a cost-efficient, measure-to-delivery model, and customizable choices to best suit your specific vision and dress needs. Our in-house designers, sewing and production team ensure each dress is customized for the client throughout the best shopping experience.

Personalize your wedding gown to make it as unique as you are! By adding or taking away certain features of your wedding gown from our designs, you can personalize it to make your dream dress match your individual taste and aesthetic. If you are looking for a certain color for your wedding dress, feel free to reach out!

What is the difference between Made to Order / made to measure wedding dress and A Custom Bespoke Wedding Dress? Our semi-custom wedding dress design process is quite different than our Bespoke Custom Wedding Dress Design process where we create a custom dress from a client’s specific ideas, from scratch. With our made to order design process, you will take a look at our Made to Order Wedding dress designs from our collections that we have listed online for you to choose from. You can make certain design customizations to our designs to make our designs, YOUR OWN! Our made to order dress design process is much less hands on than our full customization process for custom wedding dresses. It is much more of a simpler process from choosing certain design selections that are offered on our online semi-custom shop. Our made to order wedding dresses can be made to your custom body measurements and your design modifications.

  • Semi-Custom designs / made to order wedding dresses: Make Modifications to our pre-existing designs from the Shop A.Cherie collections we have created and alter specific design elements based on your own personal style preferences, without customizing every detail of the design. Made to order dress will be made to the client’s custom body measurements provided by the client. Less hands on than our Bespoke Experience.
  • Bespoke / Custom Design: Bespoke means fully custom-made. Made based on the specifications of the client ordering the dress design down to their last requested detail. Much more hands on. Work hand in hand with our custom dress designers and design team through out the making of your dress design. In person fitting appointments and custom design sketches.

View our collection here Learn more about our semi-custom wedding dresses : View our shop here! 

How Long Does It take to make a Semi-Custom Wedding Dress / made to measure wedding dress?

  • For Made to Order Wedding Dress Designs that are made to measurements from existing dress designs from Shop A.Cherie4-6 months
  • For Fully Bespoke Custom Designs through A.Cherie Couture:  6-12 months

The sooner you decide on your wedding dress, the better for us to set the process in motion to avoid delays. If you are in need of your wedding dress / or custom dress sooner than the lead times mentioned above, there is a chance we can still accept the order. It will be considered a rush order and will have a separate rush order fee.

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All about Made to Order semi-custom wedding dresses / Made to Measure Wedding Dresses

Affordable Custom Wedding Dresses Online | Made to Measure Wedding Dresses

While brick-and-mortar bridal boutiques carry some advantages (like letting brides touch and feel gown options, free champagne, and service of in-person sales people that sometimes may be a little pushy), Shop A.Cherie’s online process provides brides a better experience along each of these areas:

-Unlimited design options: through semi-custom designs or choosing the Bespoke process. Brides aren’t stuck with the limited inventory of a store since we focus on made to order items as well as not being able to “alter the design” in a store.
Lower prices: We have direct relationships with manufacturers that help our client now save more money without a lot of overhead of stock items.
Inclusive sizes and better fit: Shop A.Cherie’s custom dresses are made-to-order for each bride using our exclusive measurement guide, the same guide we use in our full customization process!

Our biggest advantage is that we can allow ourselves to create custom dresses the way our brides dream of. We can customize any part of any dress, change colors, add layers of fabrics, remove unnecessary parts or add detachable details upon the client’s request. We never charge extra for the size customization, so that every bride can get herself a beautiful wedding dress that was made just for her!

Other considerations: While shopping for dresses, make sure you understand that if you do buy an off the rack dress, be prepared to spend $500+ on alterations and on top of the price tag for the designer label. Why not go semi-custom and have it made just the way you want it to your measurements?

We also know it’s important to hear about the experience straight from brides and past clients. You can see our reviews on  WeddingWireThe Knot, and Google! If you have hesitations or questions, ask us! We love being direct and honest with brides, and only want you to move forward with us when you’re comfortable.

We offer made to measure services for our semi-custom dress designs or the option of ordering a standard US sizing. Made to custom measurements is recommended over standard US sizing to achieve a better fit.

1. Custom Measurements-The customer has the option of entering detailed body measurements instead of her standard size to make sure that the dress will fit very well. The measurements guide will be sent to to the client and it is HIGHLY recommended to take the measurement sheet to a professional tailor or seamstress in your area. A.Cherie Couture is not responsible for ill fit if the measurements provided are not correct. The bride needs to understand the measurements before visiting a tailor to make sure it’s all taken correctly. Please contact us with questions.

2. Three-step-verification process: Once the client sends their measurements, we first make sure that the different body measurements are rational in relation to the other measurements. Following this, we make sure that the pattern is created to the proper measurements and  that the fabric is cut correctly to the size needed after creating the dress patterns on the computer. The third step at the end of the process is that our quality control team measures the final dress product to match it with the size given and make sure the dress is ready for shipping. We make sure that the size is exactly your measurements given to us, and that way there will be no questions about the fit after quality control checking the garments. Pictures are taken of the measurements on the gown.

3. Measurement Fluctuations: In case the client’s weight fluctuates, we always recommend creating lace-up at the back instead of a zipper since this can accommodate a variety of sizes. We also create extra material in the seam allowances incase the dress needs to be slightly let out or taken in. Most of our  gowns require minimal alterations as long as the client stays the same to the measurements provided / provided the correct measurements.

Made to Order Wedding dress designs: take pre-existing designs we have created and alters specific design elements based on your own personal style preferences, without customizing every detail of the design. Made to measurements or Standard sizing
Bespoke / Custom Design: Bespoke means fully custom-made. Made based on the specifications of the client ordering the design down to their last requested detail. Very hands on and Client involved process. Made to custom client measurements only.

As with any wedding dress, some minor alterations might be necessary to achieve the perfect fit. Brides living out of state can use the services of a local professional tailor/seamstress near them if any minor changes are required on the dress on their own expense.

All dresses do NOT come with bustles.

We do offer dress alterations services  as well as in person fittings for an additional costs for our semi-custom dress collections.

  1. Decide on a Made to Order Custom Dress Design: Take your time browsing through our shop sections and select the perfect dress for you. Please keep in mind standard order time is 4 months as everything is made to order specifically for YOU! We do accept rush orders, so please contact us directly.
  2. Choose your Dress Customizations: After deciding on your design, determine if there are any customizations you want to make by checking the boxes to the right of the product before adding to the cart. Please reach out to us directly if there is not a customization offered that you want to make!
  3. Measurements and Sizing: Determine if you would like to order standard sizing or custom sizing. Once this is decided, print out our custom measurement sheet that can be found in our measurement page. We created our own measurement system that is easy and clear for every client to follow, ensuring a great fit of the final product.
  4. Place your Online Order: Once steps 1-3 have been done, make sure all information and customizations are correct. Check out your items and wait for the magic to happen!
  5. Production and Sewing: Once the order is placed, we begin working on your own unique custom design! We will reach out directly to you to go over the measurements and once you have them completed, we can begin working on the dress!
  6. Shipping and the Final Product: Your dress goes through many quality control checks through out our design process. Your custom dress design will go through a final measurement check before shipping your semi-custom dress to you! We also will reach out before shipping to send you the final images of your dream dress that you created! Ready to get started? Head over to our Online shop!

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