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royal length lace veil blowing in the windDid you know?

Although the bridal veil’s history varies based on who you ask, most experts agree that you can trace the roots of bridal veil back to Rome. The bride used to walk down the aisle with a veil over her face in order to disguise herself from any evil spirits who wanted to ruin her happiness.

The veil is not just an accessory; it’s a symbol of timeless tradition and a symbol that has been around for many generations. That’s why a custom wedding veil is an essential element of your bridal ensemble. Your veil will be a sheer masterpiece, meticulously crafted to complement your gown, and create an air of enchantment as you walk down the aisle.

With a custom wedding veil, you’ll feel like a true Bride on your wedding day, leaving your guests in awe of your beauty and craftsmanship. It’s an accessory that adds an element of mystery, creating those breathtaking moments when your groom lifts the veil, revealing the radiant smile that he fell in love with. Your wedding veil is not just a piece of fabric; it’s a significant part of your special day and will be remembered in pictures for years to come. Make it uniquely yours, and let it become an heirloom that carries is passed down through many generations!

How Long Does It take to make a custom veil?

  •  Creating a custom veil will depend on the details that you want! On average our custom veils take 2-5 months with bridal veils on the more elaborate side taking more time to complete. Contact us in advance so we can give you an accurate timeline for your own custom veil!

How much does the average veil cost?

  • Well there is no easy answer as to what your wedding veil “should” cost for clients with all different budgets. The average  fingertip wedding veil costs around $200, but the amount that you pay will depend on design details for your veil, embellishments, materials, and what you can afford. Let us know your budget and we can make design suggestions for your custom wedding veil to stay within the target budget.

How much does a custom veil cost with A.Cherie Couture?

  • The final cost will depend on your own unique design details, length and the complexity of your custom veil. Most of our custom bridal veils range from $250 – $2,500+ depending on lace details, beading, embroidery and more! We can create veils in ANY length.

How to Decide If You Want to Wear a Veil, and If So, What Type?

  • Today wedding veils are known for being the bridal accessory that adds a  finishing touch to the overall bridal look. Past brides we have worked with have said when they put their custom veil on with their wedding dress at their dress fitting; that it was the true moment that they felt like a bride.

Bride and Groom Veil photo ideas outdoor weddingBecause this is most likely the first time you will wear a bridal veil, it can be hard to decide on length. Longer veils (Cathedral length and Royal length) make for a dramatic entrances and are great for photos!  Shorter veils give a fresh and fun look to the bridal ensemble. A great place to start is to first, choose your wedding dress design. After you have determined your wedding dress design, the veil will be much easier to design and determine the length of.

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CUSTOM VEIL DESIGN GUIDE | Details we will need to know about your custom veil

Veils come in many different styles, lengths and designs!

  • Birdcage: Known as a “vintage” style veil and typically covers a small portion of the face made In “birdcage” type tulle with larger holes.
  • 1 layer length veils: made to any desired length you can imagine.: 2 layer length veils: the shorter layer is referred to as a blusher.
  • Two-Tier: 2 layer veil has a shorter layer called the blusher and then a longer layer underneath the blusher layer.
  • Drop Style Veil: Is a technique where the veil is cut in a large circle, but is technically all one layer and the comb sits in the middle of the veil. This technique is done most when the client wants the veil to cover their face.
  • Fingertip: Short tulle veils sometimes plain and sometimes with details reaching fingertip length.
  • Chapel Length Veils: Chapel length veils fall right to the ground or a couple of inches beyond the wedding dress, barely sweeping the floor.
  • Cathedral Length Veils: Similar to the long aisle of a cathedral church and where this veil got it’s name, a cathedral veil leaves a train trailing way beyond the length of the bridal dress. You typically want this length to be longer than the dress train.
  • Royal Length Veils: Royal length is exactly how it sounds; Royal! This is the longest length that will be sure to give you the most dramatic entrance you hope for!
  • Mantilla Style Veils: The mantilla veil frames the face in lace and is typically worn two inches from the hairline at the top of the head. Referred to as a Spanish style veil. They come in a variety of widths and lengths and are definitely statement pieces creating a sensual yet sophisticated vibe for the wedding day.

Veil Length Guide for Reference

a) Shoulder 19-20″
b) Elbow 25″
c) Waist length 28-29″
d) Hip Length 36″
e) Fingertip 41″
f) Waltz 61″
g) Sweep 75″-80″
h) Chapel 90″-110″
i) Cathedral 110-120″
j) Royal Cathedral 130+”

Veils can be made to any desired length requested by the client. Our widest width we offer is 118″inches wide.

Our talented team of designers will collaborate closely with you to bring your custom veil to life over e-mail or Zoom!  We will discuss your veil inspirations and make suggestions for the design based on your wedding dress design. It is great to have inspiration photos for your veil design so we can get the best understanding of what you are looking for in your custom veil.

We can source different laces, beads and materials according to what the client desires and is needed to match the wedding dress details.

It is important to determine the color you chose for your wedding dress. Most laces these days are manufactured in what we call “light ivory” or “Off white”. Most of the laces we can find are in this color. If your wedding dress is a pure white, we can source white colored options for you, but the selection may be slightly more limited.

If you want a veil made in a certain color, we can created a custom colored veil for you! Most laces are dyeable and we can dye them according to the color you are looking for! More questions? Reach out! 

custom made wedding veil for berta wedding dressI was beyond thrilled with my custom veil. I bought a Berta wedding dress that unfortunately does not come with a matching veil. I was able to purchase 1 yard of lace and was lucky to find A.Cherie Couture. She was not only able to create a beautiful, and one of a kind veil for me but did so quickly and the quality was more than I hoped for. I’m in love with my veil… recommend to anyone who wants a custom veil!!!!


long lace custom bridal veilI accidentally left my veil shopping for the last minute! When I asked for a rush on this veil I was so relieved that they had it in stock. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! EVERYBODY loved it! Especially me! The customer service was excellent and with me every step of the way, until I received it at home. So appreciative! Definitely recommend for your own custom veil.


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