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About Elizabeth’s Experience

The A.Cherie Couture team enjoys bringing every bride’s unique ideas to life! We had the pleasure of working with A.Cherie bride Elizabeth, and this is what she had to say about working with us for one of the most important days of her life!


“The experience I had at A. Cherie was above and beyond what one could even begin to expect. Ashley and her team far exceeded any expectations I had and were consistently a step ahead.

My process began by trying on other dresses at several local designer stores, and I originally went in ready to spend just about any amount to find THE dress. I soon became disappointed by the availability and lack of creativity I was finding in the stores and nothing seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I was so disappointed because even if I liked one dress it still was not quite perfect and would have to have straps added, or be adjusted, and then also be altered to fit properly. With no guarantee it would fit like the dress I was trying on since many of the dresses had been tried on before! YIKES!

Disappointed with what I was finding, I reached out to Ashley at A.Cherie to see if she might be able to help in creating a custom wedding dress for me.  Ashley responded promptly and we set up a follow-up appointment to further discuss my dress ideas.  Ashley recommended having a good idea of what I wanted in my dress, to bring pictures of the dresses I had liked, and what I had not liked about the dresses.

At our meeting, I brought pictures of several dresses I had tried and she sketched out the original design that would be the inspiration for the rest of the process.  After our original meeting we changed 2 things, the body style went from A-line to fitted, and the upper half of the back of the dress went from lace to beaded with a key-hole back.

After drawing out the original design we met again to discuss the details of the dress and take measurements. This appointment was one of the most fun, but slightly overwhelming appointments for me. I got to pick all the details, but since I am not as good at visualizing, it was hard to imagine it coming together and pick those types of details. This is where Ashley’s expertise is AMAZING!  I was able to give my opinion but listened to ALL of her suggestions because she ABSOLUTELY has the experience and knows how to make the dress come to life. At this appointment, we also began discussing what type of lace I wanted, what colors I wanted in the dress, if I had any specific type of lace in mind, and any other small details I wanted to include. My custom wedding dress was heavily beaded so we picked beads, rhinestones, and buttons. She also had dresses at her studio that were very helpful in allowing me to see what she is capable of creating design-wise as well as the different types of lace, beads, buttons, tulle, etc. she uses.

After we had picked a lace Ashley was able to begin a technical (computerized drawing) of what the dress would look like. She uses a digitized version of the lace and can approximate where the lace placement will be. This is where you get to see how everything will go together and the unique aspects of your dress take shape. This is the final step before your dress starts being created and truly allows you to see your dress start to come to life.

After you get the technical drawing back and finalize everything is when the hardest part begins… WAITING!

Once my dress was complete I had a “fitting.” I say fitting but what is great about A.Cherie is the dress will already fit and there may only be minor adjustments since she uses YOUR measurements to make the dress! After my “fitting” there were minor changes that needed to be made.  I came back for a second appointment, tried on my custom wedding dress on, and then got to take my dress with me THAT day!

The experience I had at A. Cherie was one I will not readily forget as there is nothing Ashley and her team missed or overlooked.  Ashley was great at keeping me informed and updated throughout the process.  Ashley was beyond helpful in consoling my fears, listening to my concerns, and walking me through the process step-by-step. I was SO glad she was there to bounce ideas and give opinions. I often had hesitations about certain aspects of my dress and Ashley was great at giving her opinions based on her experience.  Ashley without a doubt knows what she’s doing. I have been recommending all of my friends to use A.Cherie as she made my dream dress come to life AND look even better than I could have hoped to hope for.  A.Cherie is leaps and bounds above ANY experience you will ever get at a bridal salon and my dress actually ended up costing less than what I would have spent had I bought off the rack.

Ashley’s professionalism, attention to detail, creativity, and passion give her the edge to make your experience SO much more than just buying a dress.  It was so special to have a custom dress made for my once-in-a-lifetime day. I cannot thank Ashley and her team enough for creating my dress. My dress turned out more amazing than what I could have even hoped to hope for. I truly cannot say enough amazing things about Ashley and her team at A.Cherie Couture. She is a one-of-a-kind and genuine person. If you choose to use Ashley and her team to create your dress, I promise it will be the best decision you make.”

Best wishes,