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10 Reasons to go the Custom Wedding Dress Route

Are you one of those brides who has been dreaming of her wedding dress since she was a young girl? Ever thought about a Custom Wedding Dress?
     When looking for a dress for the most important day of your life, your wedding, you should definitely choose A.Cherie Custom Design over off the rack bridal gowns! “Why?” you ask…for the following reasons: Read on!

10 Reasons why the Custom Dress Route it better than buying Off the Rack.

1. A.Cherie provides a full custom design, that will be one of a kind, and never duplicated, unlike numerous designs of the same gown in varying sizes, found in stores. You can dream it, and we create it!

2. We at A.Cherie provide our custom wedding dresses at moderate price points, which will not break your wedding budget; we use tier pricing so you know exactly what details/style you will be getting, based on your own unique design. We want our clients to be able to see our pricing structure upfront no hidden fees and surprise additonal costs. We try to also work within our client’s ideal budget without compromising the design. We as designers, make suggestions to our clients to help then stay within their ideal price point.
3.  Our custom process focuses on making your gown to your own personal measurements, to allow for the best fit with zero to minimal alterations, if necessary. We at A.Cherie take 30+ measurements, more then any other custom wedding dress designers we know!
4. A.Cherie prides herself on delivering couture quality, without the unnecessary retail mark-up, which is so common in the wedding industry. We are specialized in hand couture details, top of the line fabrics and work with vendors all around the world to source the most luxurious laces.
5. Our company is founded on exceptional customer service, as A.Cherie strives to personalize your wedding gown process from the initial consultation and sketch, to the final delivery of your dream gown. A.Cherie has worked with countless brides, and knows how important each detail, communication and delivery is. We strive to provide the absolute best customer experience!
6. The creation of your custom wedding dress begins personally, with a sketch designed for you, based on your inspiration photos and consultation with designer, A.Cherie.
7.  As your custom dress evolves throughout the process, we keep you updated, presenting more design options to make your dress one of a kind.
8. Most importantly, our designer utilizes her years of experience in fashion design and expertise in fabrics and colors, to create your custom dress that is flattering to your figure and built for your body type based on the client’s wants and needs.
9. One of the most important things to remember is when you are looking to purchase a wedding dress at a boutique is to realize what you will most likely be spending in additonal alteration costs. That is why our process is the much better route to go! You get exactly what you want, you do not pay the designer price mark ups, it’s made for your custom measurements and best of, only for you!
10. Another great thing about our process, is you do not have to be a local client! We work with clients all around the world utilizing technology, to communicate through the design process. Everything can be done virtually and worry free!
What are you waiting for? Contact us today and get started on the steps towards building your custom dream dress!

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