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Beauty Sleep before the wedding | How many hours should you really be getting the night before your wedding?

 As many say, we should all get our “beauty sleep,” specifically the day before the wedding. We all get super nervous before the big day, wondering if everyone is going to follow through, including the services such as the photographer, videographer, the cake bakery, the cater, etc.
Given so many experiences, we all go through the post night anxiety!
Many of us probably think that it is not a big deal. With that being said, it is highly important to get a good amount of sleep, so that you can have a beautiful wedding in the honor of your love with your future husband. You do not necessarily want to miss it, or be too tired for the celebration of the best day of your life. From my research, here are some tips to get rid of the “night before” anxiety:
1.     Have a spa night with your girlfriends, including a glass of wine
2.     Go for long run, will not only relieve your stress, but it will get rid of your anxiety
3.     Write a list before going to bed, on what is needed to be done
4.     Cuddle with your furry friend
5.     Have a movie night with your best friend
6.     Cook a nice meal
7.     Bake your favorite dessert

In conclusion, it is an important time to think positive. If you are highly stressed, you are thinking too negatively. There is no room for that! The next day should be one of the happiest days of your life. Think positively, visualize yourself in your beautiful wedding dress, and know that everything will be okay. It is an exciting event leading to another chapter in your life. In reality, it is normal to be stressed; it is your anxiety and excitement altogether. Take a deep breath and get your needed rest!

How Much Sleep You Need Before a Wedding