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How Much Sleep You Need Before a Wedding

How Much Sleep Should You Get The Night Before Your Wedding?

The night before your wedding you may experience a natural inability to get to sleep.  You have been planning for months.  Double checking that things are ready has been consuming your life for days.  Your excitement and anticipation of the next day’s events can send your mind racing.  It’s a common issue for brides. Getting to sleep is only half of the problem, the other half is determining how much sleep you need before a wedding.

It’s likely that you have been looking forward to this day for a very long time.  It will be day that you want to remember forever.  You may be surprised to learn how much sleep you need before a wedding impacts your memory of the day!  As you sleep, your brain works to turn short-term memories into long-term ones.  If you don’t get enough sleep you could possibly end up with fewer memories of your wedding day.  Sure, you’ll have pictures, but this is one of the most significant days of your life, you will want those memories!

The Impact of Pictures and Sleep

On the topic of pictures, sleep can actually impact those as well.  While you slumber, your body goes through numerous processes.  Some of these focus on storing memory and others focus on recovery.  Your smiling face in those wedding photographs can look radiant with the right amount of sleep.  After all, the term “beauty sleep” came from somewhere!  There are a few ways that sleep can impact the way you look as you sleep.  The first is by increasing blood flow to your skin throughout the night which results in more even skin tone.
Additionally, getting enough sleep provides you with recovery from the previous day’s damage.

Getting to Sleep

Knowing how much sleep you need before a wedding won’t help you get to sleep.  Here are a few tips from Rest Right Mattress that may.

Turn off electronics.  What is done is done.  It can be tempting to make yourself available to guests 24-7, but it is not necessary.  This is why you have a wedding party.  Let them handle any last minute issues.  The glow and constant ping of a cell phone will interrupt your sleep even if you think you sleep through it.

Sleep in the dark.  Light cues tell us when it is time for sleep and when it is time to wake.  Most people sleep better in the dark.

Take a warm bath.  After a temperature decrease people tend to get sleepy.  When you take a hot bath, not only can you relax in the tub, you also get that drop in temperature afterwards.  It’s a win-win.

Avoid alcohol and sleep medication.  Alcohol interferes with your sleep because it raises your body temperature and can awaken you in the night.  It also disrupts the process of recovery that occurs as you sleep, leaving you with fewer benefits.  Sleep medication can affect people drastically different.  It is probably best not to take a chance the night before such an important event.

While getting enough sleep is important, getting too much sleep the night before your wedding could leave you with puffiness beneath your eyes.  So how much sleep you need before a wedding? Generally people do well with about eight hours of sleep.  This is the recommendation of the National Sleep Foundation.  Of course, it is better to achieve this amount of sleep